Freja’s Journey: The Tiny Village Environment Art

I thought it would make sense to start this personal production blog with the first level we start working on: The Tiny Village (working title).



Look Development

This is the second iteration we did on the environment, the first one being used to prototype the player locomotion, some basic fighting mechanics and the quest system (yes, we’re going to have quests in our side scrolling adventure).

More tweaks to the lighting and set dressing are to be done after the level will be textured and the final gameplay implemented.


(click on a picture to enlarge and rollover a slider for controls)



In the new version we completely redid the lighting, going this time for a cozier morning mood and we also improved some of the effects.


We paid special attention to contrast and diversity inside the level, making sure each area has it’s own distinct look.



Effects Work

Fog planes played a big role in shaping the overall atmosphere but also to create depth by separating the foreground, middle ground and the background.
This approach is fast and flexible and it eliminates the need to use depth of filed which is expensive on the mobile platforms.


There was a nice surprise to see that we could use real time reflections on the lake water shader on an iPad 2 and still get 50+ fps.




Contributions & Gallery

  • I did part of the modeling, the effects, the shader work, and I supervised the lighting.
  • Mads Jakobsen did the concept art, rigging, animation and some of the modeling.
  • Silvia Lazar did the set dressing, lighting and the environment effects.


In the end I would like to mention that since we’re so early in production anything could change and most probably will since we’re constantly refining the gameplay and the visuals.

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