About the project

Jagged Alliance: Flashback is currently under development by FullControl and is to be based on the cult classics Jagged Alliance and Jagged Alliance 2.
The game is set in the early 90’s at the end of the Cold War and therefore takes place before the original titles.
JAF is a digital turn based strategy game with cheesy jokes and 80’s styled one-liners, intense tactical combat in an open world environment and various RPG elements.

Project Status: In Development
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About my work

Having the role of Senior Technical Artist at FullControl I’m in charge of shader authoring, rendering, performance and optimizations, effects and parts of the general production pipeline and as the game progresses I’ll be able to show more of my work.

JAF Dev. Diary 3: Explosions

On this Dev. Diary I go behind the scenes showing how some of the explosions are made.

Some of the effects I've done on JAF so far:

JAF Dev. Diary 2: Shaders

I talk about shaders and how can be used to improve visual looks and increase productivity.

Some of the shaders I've done at FullControl